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European Feed Production Decreased in 2014
EU - Members of the European Feed Manufacturers' Federation (FEFAC) showed lower compound feed production last year compared with 2013, in final estimates presented at the organisation's Annual General Meeting in Cologne recently.
Scientific Research Confirms the Many Health Benefits of Milk and Milk Products
Decades of nutrition research continue to show the essential role that milk, cheese and yogurt play in a healthy diet.
Supply and Demand Overriding Factor on Prices
GLOBAL - Supermarkets have influence in trading terms but the critical factor in farmgate price is supply and demand, says a leading agricultural costing book.
Evolution of agricultural commodity prices
  • Colza
  • Imported Soy 47%
  • Imported Corn
How it all started...
With the arrival of several Dutch Dairy farmers in Portugal in the late 90’s, Diessen, a veterinary practice from Holland, started also in the south of Portugal. In 2000, this practice would come together with another one from Tilburg. At this time, Henk Dijk, took over the “Portugal project”. He would make of Diessen Serviços Veterinários the company we are today… In 2006 Carolina joined this project and at the same time the company separated from the actual Dierenartsen Midden Brabant. Henk and Carolina worked side by side until 2011, year in which Henk would retire and follow new projects… In 2013 it was time for Bruno to join us. We have been growing ever since. Diessen is nowadays the result of Henk’s tireless work, who got together so many of our clients today and who was mentor of our way of work.
Diessen Services


· Ultrasound examinations:
· Pregnancy Diagnosis from 28 days after AI
· Fetal Gender determination
· Diagnosis of uterine pathologies / estrous cycle abnormalities / pregnancy pathologies


· Embryo transfer "certified team - TE09PT"
· Semen collection, evaluation and freezing


· Counseling on reproductive strategy adequate to each particular farm
· Analysis of reproductive data and suitability of synchronization programs

Data analysis

· Evaluation of multiple productive parameters to improve the productive efficiency of the farm.

· Support in strategic decision.

Staff Training

· Workshops in several areas:

· Artificial Insemination

· Heat detection

· Colostrum management

· Milk Quality

· ...

Advising on replacement rearing

· Monitoring replacement rearing

· Growth/development evaluation.

· Disease diagnosis and control.

· Implementation of farm adapted protocols.

· Adivising in heifer reproductive management

Design of vaccination and treatment protocols

Regular meetings to establish objectives and adapt stratagies - Problem Solving

Data Analysis

· Analysis of Monthly SCC Records.

· Management of clinical mastitis records.

· Management of suclinical and chronic mastitis.

Farm visits

· Monthly visits

· Critical points identification (milking, animal handling, infrastructures).

· Milking overseeing.

Milk sampling

· Selective milk sampling

Laboratory analysis

· Bacterial identification and antibiograms

Trainning of the milking staff

· Staff trainning in milk quality.

· Continuous education and workshops.

24 hour on call service for clients


Official ADS work

📅 Next training sessions

Monitoring the reproductive performance of a dairy herd - Data analysis

Carolina Maia

Working at Diessen since January 2006. Graduated from Universidade Técnica de Lisboa, did her final internship between Cornell University and California, with a short passage at the UC Davis Teaching and Research Centre in Tulare.

In 2008 participated in the "Summer Dairy Institute", an advanced training program for dairy veterinarians held at the College of Veterinary Medicine, Cornell University.

During 2010 concluded the PAGE PEC (advanced program for management in livestock farming) at Universidade Católica de Lisboa.

In 2015/2016 did a post graduate study in Epidemiology at Universidade de Lisboa - Faculdade de Medicina do Hospital de Santa Maria.

Bruno Carneiro

Graduated in 2012 in Veterinary Medicine at ICBAS – Oporto.

Did his internships between Portugal, USA and Brazil. In Brazil attended a course on embryo transfer, wich was recognized by DGAV for embryo transfer in Portugal.

Has been a part of Diessen Serviços Veterinários' team since 2012 and actively participates in the management of his own family´s Dairy farm.

Is at the present moment a Master student in Economics and Management for Agrobusiness at Universidade de Évora.

Milk Quality Partners
Ema Roque
Graduated from The Veterinay School in Universidade de Évora in 2008. Did her internship under the orientation of Dr Dário Guerreiro. Started her professional life in S. Miguel, Azores. During her time in the Islands adquired the taste for Milk Quality. In 2009 started working as a Milk Quality consultant in the south of Portugal. Attended the module of Milk Quality in a graduate course at Universidade Lusófona. Member of the CPSU (Conselho Português de Saúde do Úbere), Which she helped to found and where she organizes various lectures and meetings.

Our office is in Évora,
but we work with farms all over Alentejo

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